Understanding the Dominica Passport Ranking

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The Dominica passport ranking is a measure of the travel freedom that the holder of a Dominican passport enjoys. It is a ranking system that lists countries and territories based on their visa-free access or visa-on-arrival policies for Dominican passport holders. The higher the ranking, the more countries and territories Dominican passport holders can visit without a visa or with the option to obtain one upon arrival.

Current Dominica Passport Ranking

The latest Henley Passport Index, as of 2021, Dominica passport ranking. at 37th place out of 110. This means that Dominican passport holders can travel visa-free or receive a visa on arrival to 147 countries and territories. The most accessible destinations include the Caribbean, Central and South America, and several European countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.

Benefits of a Dominica Passport

  • Travel freedom. A Dominican passport holder can visit numerous countries with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access, making travel more accessible and more affordable.
  • Residency options. A Dominican passport can facilitate the process of obtaining residency in other countries that recognize Dominica’s citizenship by investment program.
  • Safety. Dominica does not have a high crime rate, making it a safer location for passport holders and their families.

It’s worth noting that each country has its own immigration laws, so visa-free access to a specific country can change at any time. It’s also essential to remember that even with visa-free access, there are still entry requirements that all travelers must meet, such as a valid passport, proof of sufficient funds, and return ticket.

The Future of the Dominica Passport Ranking

The Dominica passport ranking is an essential factor in the citizenship by investment program put forth by the Dominica government. The program allows foreign investors to become citizens of the country by investing in the economy. As such, the government is continuously working to improve the ranking, which would help to attract more investors.

The government has already signed visa waiver agreements with several countries, including China, Russia, and India. They have also introduced the use of advanced technology in the processing of passports to increase security and reduce the processing time.


The Dominica passport ranking is an essential consideration for anyone planning to obtain citizenship in the country or invest in its economy. While the current ranking is relatively good, the government’s efforts to improve it show a commitment to providing more opportunities to its citizens and investors.

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